Author: Michaela MacColl & Rosemary Nichols

Dred Scott’s daughter

learns what it means to pay the price of freedom . . .

Eleven-year-old Eliza Scott has a lot to live for. She and her family will soon be free. She is learning to read and write at a secret school. And, she has a new friend she can share her dreams with. But when Eliza is confronted by vicious slave catchers, the spread of cholera,and a devastating fire, she is forced to come to terms with what it really takes to be on her own. Will she ever be able to fulfill her childhood dreams?Michaela MacColl and Rosemary Nichols delve deep into the history of the Dred Scott decision and pre–Civil War America to tell Eliza Scott’s riveting coming-of-age story. Freedom’s Price is the second in the Hidden Histories series about children and little-known events in American history.

Even with the bucket banging against her knees, Eliza lengthened her stride. The farther she got from Ma and Lizzie, the lighter and more carefree Eliza felt. Ma always hovered, trying to protect her. Eliza was almost twelve and practically free. She strode off down the river’s edge, careful not to look too hard for the dangers Ma always warned her about.Eliza Scott could take care of herself.


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